Thursday, September 9, 2010

And I was just thinking I had nothing to blog about!

Honest to God, yesterday I was just thinking that I hadn't blogged in a while because I hadn't had anything really nuts happen to me. Well I jinxed myself because today, while not my worst day ever, it was just shitty! I had some drama at my son's school this morning with his teacher. She is strict and some of the parents wanted to talk with her about it, but it was tense and not comfortable this morning. Then it was on to the principal's office to take up concerns with her, so needless to say I was mentally spent by 8am.

Then after going back home with Ella and Ryan, I tried unsuccessfully for a half hour to get them dressed, so we could walk the dog and go to the park. A poopy diaper and a very crabby 4 year old stood in my way! After our walk I really wanted to load the kids up and go to Target to get a few things, but both kids are crying about Lord knows what. So I decide to feed them and put them down for a nap!

Ryan only slept a little over an hour and he woke up the same way he went down.......crying! That went on for another hour or so. In the mean time Ella woke up and came downstairs. She had a foul look on her face so I tried to give her a hug and she immediately started bawling. When I asked her what the problem was, she screamed that Ryan had made a mess of her dolls and she just cleaned them up. Now this is funny because Ella doesn't clean up anything, she is very good at acting busy while her older brother does all the work.

Then the repeated requests for candy, and gum keep coming at me. She knows I'll say "NO" and then she can cry some more. AHHHHHH! Then I load the two crying kids in the car and head out to get Aubrey from school.

I no more go two blocks and the MP's (military police) pull me over. I'm thinking they have the wrong person because I wasn't speeding! The officer asks if I know why he's pulled me over, to which I reply "no". He goes on to explain that I rolled through the stop sign before turning. He then tells me that the guy behind me was clocked at 37 MPH in a 30 MPH zone but that since I turned in front of him and ran the stop sign (which I didn't), that he had to pull me over instead.

Are you freaking kidding me! I started to laugh a little because this is just the story of my day. I'm thinking that a speeder should get pulled over before me. Then he proceeds to look at my military ID, driver's license, and registration, and berate me for pulling out in front of that truck that was 2 blocks away, and putting my kids in danger etc.
I mean I've been driving for like 21 years and I've never had a ticket before! And furthermore I wasn't putting my kids in danger, I mean the guy driving 37MPH in a residential was putting kids in danger!

Okay so I calmly breathe and after all this mental abuse he lets me go with a "verbal warning", more like a "verbal lashing". So that does it, the perfect end to my perfect day.....and it was only 2pm. I still had to get Aubrey from school, help him with his homework, make dinner, get them all out the door by 4:45 to get to Ella's dance class, get to Target and get home to bathe Ryan. OMG I'm so tired I could almost fall asleep writing this. Oh and I didn't mention that Ella was such a crab because she was up half the night telling me she couldn't sleep and then crying on and on.

Who's idea was this to have so many kids anyway???? I for one, thought it sounded great over margaritas! But when tucking the little beasts in, I looked at them all and thanked God that they are healthy, smart, loving, and all mine!

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