Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Morning!

OMG so mornings are usually hectic but today it hit me......My oldest son Aubrey is just like his father!! I love them both dearly but I swear my husband is so scatter brained at home. Now, he can command over a hundred and thirty men in combat, but having him remember to get his coffee mugs from work, keeping up with his keys, or baret are another story.

Aubrey has also now lost his water bottle and sweatshirt at school. I guess we'll have to do the daunting task of picking through the lost and found......AGAIN! So with this little tidbit being said, our daughter Ella woke up about and hour and a half ago and never went potty. She does this a lot and of course I remember that she hasn't gone to the bathroom yet as she's walking out the door to get in the car with the husband to go to preschool!

The husband had the nerve to tell me that when he gets her up in the morning he takes her straight to the bathroom so "he doesn't have this issue". "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I say "I have to get three kids up, dressed, breakfast, pack lunches", (never mind making sure he is ready too) and he has the nerve to say that!! Then I say "why don't you get everyone ready then, and why don't you remember your coffee mugs once in a while!" Wyatt did laugh at that because he must know that I have a point!

So off they went and as he was getting in the car I said "I'm going to blog about you today"! It's just so therapeutic! Let's raise those coffee mugs because here's to having a great day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

trip home from Portland

Now this trip went pretty much like the flight from Denver to Portland, except we only had a 15 minute drive to get to the airport and they did put us in the very last row in the plane (damn that attendant)!! You know how hot it is back there and it smells like a combo of sewage and funk. Those seats don't recline and since I had a baby on my lap, and the lady in front of me reclined her seat all the way back, we were trapped with about 6 inches of moving space.

After about the 4th stare from the lady in front of me, I stood up and said to my oldest son, "Aubrey, this lady in front of me does not appreciate that I'm sitting here with your brother so could you please change seats with me!" Needless to say she didn't look at me again during the flight! Ahhh just another rude person in the friendly skies!!!

So the only real drama other than exhaustian and the realization that I will NEVER fly with the kids alone again, was getting our baggage. We had three suitcases, a stroller, and all the carry on stuff the kids insisted they needed! So I get it all and make the painful treck out to the curb. After standing there for about 5 minutes I realize that it's only for commercial busses, cabs etc.

OMG at this point I almost start crying and call Wyatt to tell him that we aren't even on the right level so we'll have to figure out how to get there, but I'm so hysterical at this point he says "I'll park the car and come find you". "NO" I say "we can do it just fine, we'll see you down there". Now after 13 years of marriage my husband knows me and my stubborness that I can do it all! So he did park and met up with us on the lower level at the curb. It was a B*#@% getting all the bags in and out of an elevator, and my sweet Ella who was just standing there blocking the door so we couldn't get out of the elevator........Oh it was fun let me tell you!

So we get in the car for a great hour and a half ride home. Now the plan was to stop for dinner somewhere in between with the kids but I think I was so crazy at this point I said "just drive" and we did! I had snacks for the kids and I just couldn't bare the thought of making them sit quietly in a restaurant for an hour or more! Home sweet home!!!

Spring break trip to Portland

Well I should have known this wouldn't be easy, but since when do I do things that are easy. So the husband is driving the kids and I from Colorado Springs to Denver to the airport and about a half hour into our drive, traffic comes to a hault! My husband hops out of the car to go chat with a trucker up ahead and get the scoop. We find out it's a 10 car pile up on I25 and the interstate is shut down........ahhhhh! So Wyatt, my husband is sure that he can find the way because the trucker showed him a map....Help I'm thinking and of course we forgot the GPS in my husbands car! So we back up off the interstate and proceed to a dirt road that has NO signs....I'm sure we're lost I'm saying in my head, because I don't dare say it out loud this is the only hope we have of making it to the airport on time!

To my shock and surprise we do make it in a round about kind of way, back to I25 however it's not without suffering because now the kids are hollering "are we there yet" and our baby has been crying for the past hour.

I'm pretty sure that I after the detour and total travel time of over 2 1/2 hours, that we are not going to have a good flight to Portland. So my husband parks in short term parking and we have to high tail it to the terminal. I'm not sure but I think it was about 2 miles away so now the kids are really aggravated with us. We get there with about an hour until wheels up. We check in and the agent asks if Wyatt would like to help us get through security......"yes he does" I say and off we go. After the usual security nightmare we get to our gate just in time to pee and then board! Did I mention that Wyatt is not traveling with us?

So I take a deep breathe and board the plane with our three kids in tow, ages 7,3, and 18 months..... WHAT WAS I THINKING??
The kids were okay most of the flight, I was already sweating from the travels just getting ready to board so now I really was sweating because our 18 month old was not wanting to sit on my lap and that was a challenge for 2 1/2 hours.

It really got ugly when we were about a half hour from landing though. My oldest was crying because his ears were hurting and so after trying gum I paged the flight attendant. She then went to get us some ear plugs, now I"m not sure what good those would do for us, I mean maybe for the people who have to sit near us, but for my son?? Well he thought they would work, so as I am trying to put them in his ears, our baby Ryan decides they look like candy and pops one in his mouth. "OMG" I say and start to pinch his cheeks together to get it out! Finally I do get it from him, but that starts the ball rolling for the never ending (I need a nap) crying fit he starts to have. So after about 25 minutes of that and many glares from the young business man in his polo socks across the aisle, he knocks out and sleeps on my shoulder for the last few minutes of the flight(it figures). Now I've decided that people who glare at you on a plane have NEVER had kids, or never traveled with them. It's not like I enjoy listening to the screaming and carrying on either! So we get all our carry on crap, and baggage and ahhhhh we're here. Let the vacation begin!! hahaha!

A Snow Day in the Life of Gina

Hello all who are reading this,
This is more therapy than anything and Charene convinced me that my day was so nuts that I needed to write a note about it! So I title it "A snow day here in Colorado Springs"

I've got my coffee, bathrobe and three kids while the husband is out of town for week!

At 8:30 am Aubrey and Ella my 7 & 3 year old want to go outside and play so I suit them up. They last about an hour which is great since it's like 16 degrees. I have to keep an eye on them because of course they want to play out front in the middle of the culdesac where the snow plower has stacked up 6 feet of snow. My neighbors are leaving for work so I'm watching the kids from the window hollering through the window once in a while to watch out for cars when another neighbor leaves.

They come in and watch some TV until I say enough is enough and force them to use their imaginations and actually play for a while.......well a miracle happens and for about 3 hours they make a fort, play "store & kitchen" and there is total sibling bliss! Then the 16 month old wakes up at some point and the fighting begins...........I try to be patient but it's just nuts so I decide to suit everyone up at 4pm and walk the two blocks to the mailbox. The process of suiting up takes about 20 minutes but off we go..........about a half a block into it I'm freezing my butt off, wondering what I was thinking, and the kids are running amuck! I just want to get to the mail box and get home, but they want to dive in the snow, throw it on each other and climb the snow hills the plow has made.

So finally we make it, an entire two blocks. I open up the mail box and we have not only two days worth of mail but a package! ugh........oh did I mention that the wind is blowing like a I'm carrying a package & mail and trying to herd the "cats" and keep the baby from face planting into the snow. We get home and I take Ryan inside and he's bawling because he didn't want to come in. I call the other two but they won't come in. 10 minutes later, baby still crying, I call the other two again, it's getting dark and cold!! So I have to go out in the garage and holler at them a third time........Ella comes walking toward me bawling because it's freezing and she's tired and cold.........duh!! So I"m carrying her inside and as we open the door, the baby was standing right there so he gets a huge bump on the head from the I have two screaming kids! After all that drama, Aubrey comes in all crabby and cold.........ahh bliss! The news tells me that with the wind chill it feels like -22 below, crap no wonder everyone was crying!

Now for dinner......I make a great chicken stir fry and the kids promptly say "yuk, I"m not eating this"......OMG is this my life I say to myself!

So bed time is at 6:45 tonight cause' mom's done! I tell them to read a book in bed and don't come out. Ella comes out with her face all red, it looks like a bloody nose that has been smeared. I ask her what it is and she says "her pillow did it".......HELP HELP HELP this is not my life. Needless to say I discover she's been into my RED lipstick and put it on her eyelids, face bed etc. So after that cleanup I say "don't come out of bed again!!!!" I proceed to pour myself a drink, put on a dvd and relax (well fold laundry). Aubrey my oldest sleep walks sometimes, and tonight was one of those times. I get up to escort him back to bed and knock over my glass and it breaks everywhere..............."shit" I say. I walk Aubrey to bed, come and clean up the glass mess, sit down to relax and Charene calls and I tell her this entire story.............thus leading me to this rant on FB!!! Hope you all get a good laugh because this little drama is my life!!!!! HELP!