Friday, October 14, 2011

In Service Day

It has been way to long since I have blogged, but today it was more of a necessity than a want. Today is a State Wide In Service Day, which means the kids are out of school. I decided that I would schedule all three of their hair cuts with my friend Adrianne. Then I thought I would take my oldest to get a new pair of shoes since he is growing like a weed. Then, in the back of my head I thought it would be nice if we all went out to lunch, and headed to Costco for a much needed trip before we went home.

Well all of that may seem like too much for one day, but I was confident my kids could handle it, after all they didn't have school today. I was not only in some sort of dream land, but way the Hell off my rocker!!!

The haircuts went great ,and they got to see their friends. Then it was off to the Van's outlet store. Ella and Ryan were chasing around the store, and after no success in getting them to stop I had them sit in a "time out". The workers at the store kept asking if I needed anything, to which I replied, "well my kids in daycare would be good". True story.

Then since it was buy one pair of shoes get one half off, I decided to see if any shoes fit Ella. Ryan just got a new pair the other day and didn't need them, however that didn't stop him begging and trying to get his shoes off to "just try them on". After it was apparent that the shoes Ella wanted were too big and she could barely walk in them, I decided to just get the one pair for Aubrey. Well surprise surprise, that didn't go over well for Ella who was starting to cry and beg for new shoes.

I kept apologizing for assaulting the clerks' ears and I said, and I quote, "this right here......this is birth control". They didn't have kids, and I'm sure were looking at me like "get it together lady", however they were very sweet and didn't judge......they probably did once I left, but still I appreciated that they were nice to my face! But I digress. So as we are leaving and Ella is now sobbing, and Ryan is crying because he wants to ride on the "ride" outside the store, I calmly tell them to just head to the car.

I try to explain to them that I wanted to take them to lunch and then Costco, but how that's NOT going to happen, they just hollered and sobbed louder. So I did what only a crazy wife can do and I called the husband! He said, "what is going on there". I explained that this is just my life and this is what it sounds like, and what freakin fun I was having!!! He said, "it sounds like it". I know he feels bad for me sometimes, but I think secretly he's very happy it's me and not him. So I asked him if he would be home at a reasonable hour so I could get to Costco later, because as he could hear, I was in no place to go right then.

Then my oldest son, who mysteriously is behaving himself, says, "mom, I feel sorry for you". And I said, "I feel sorry for me too Aubrey". So the rest of the way home the crying went on and I just turned the radio up and tried some Zen calming pretending I"m on an island somewhere, breathing deeply, trying to tell myself that they will grow up and move OUT one day.

I am proud of myself for how I handled it today, I didn't yell, fly off the handle, or drive off a bridge. I explained to them (once the crying got softer), that I was extremely disappointed in their behavior and that we would not be going out to lunch, but going home to eat lunch there and then it was to bed for Ella and Ryan. Ella doesn't nap anymore, but since she's up at all hours of the night and got up early this morning I knew she was tired.

So here I am blogging my day and it's not even half over yet! The good news is it's quiet in here and two of the three kids are in bed and my oldest is riding his bike! I'm living the dream I tell you, living the dream!

PS Yesterday after school, I took them to the Halloween store, where Ryan started crying, saying he was scared, and then Ella started in, so we waited in the foyer for the oldest to look around for five minutes. Then they wanted pizza for dinner to which I caved because I had a sewing class last night. While waiting for the pizza the kids were begging me for a quarter so they could play the pinball game and "win" a superball. I said no 10 times.......then a man walks in with his kid and promptly plunks not one, but two quarters in the machine. Aubrey crosses his arms, and has a fowl look on his face and says, "look mom, that guy just put in the money and the kid didn't even have to ask".....I busted up laughing and said "yes son I am a terrible mother"......hahaha. I guess all this blogging is helping me laugh at these ridiculous situations my kids put me in daily!!

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