Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Reason I take my kids out in public

Today I had an epiphany. It was sometime during my trip to Kohl's with my three kids, that I realized the reason I take them out in give me material to blog about.

My day started off normally, I dropped Aubrey & Ella off at school and headed to the grocery store. I had stayed up until 11pm the night before carefully making a shopping list. When I arrived at the store I had to use the bathroom, so Ryan and I walked all the way to the opposite corner of the store to the restroom. Then I realized I didn't have my grocery list, so all the way back to the car we go. No list to be found, so I decided to wing it and just get the damn groceries.

Ryan and I get home and unload groceries, but one of my bags has a leak. It was one of the boxes of vegetable broth, there was a small puncture hole, and it was leaking everywhere. So back to the store we go to get another one.........ugh! Then it's off to pick Ella up from Preschool. Then there is the usual, lunch, naps, laundry, all the things that remind me that "I'm living the dream". Then back to pick up Aubrey from school.

Since I wanted to get an outfit for my husbands Change of Command ceremony next week, I decide to just go for it and make a quick stop at Kohl's. I had a talk with all three kids before we even went into the store. I warned them that they had to behave because it was a nice store and "not Chuckie Cheese". Sometime during this "shopping experience" I realized I had made a big mistake.

I took away TV, and told them bedtime was to be at 7, and none of this stopped the screaming, bickering, climbing on the floor, well you get the idea. I'm sure I am the best ad for birth control that there is when I am out in public with my kids. Many of the women were glaring at me like I needed a visit from Supernanny, and tonight I have to agree!

Once we got home I realized that the sales lady forgot to take off the security tag that will spray ink all over my new blouse if I tamper with back to the torture chamber I go again tomorrow!

I did take away TV and the attached video is how creative they were without it. And I also had my oldest write 25 sentences when he got home stating that he would not act up in a store again! Ella had to go to her room, and they all went to bed at 7PM! No joke!

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  1. Oh, honey! I can Supernanny them! Just tell me when! Love you!